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Distances from Ajoku
0.00Ajokuyes1010,111110Outpost w rearm 66 ls from star
21.34Wu GuinagiyesStation 208 ls, Empire
24.29HIP 10716yes1Outpost 1.7K, orbiting RES
36.02HIP 124241,31,32,31,2outpost in system, no rearm, Emp
36.20Shoma44,664,6outpost in system, rearm, Emp
42.44HIP 10973yesOutpost 4200 ls, rearm, Emp
96.95MandjirboleyesOutpost 144 ls, no rearm, Emp
102.48NgaransAB2AB1,AB5AB2,AB3,AB4AB1,AB2,AB4outpost in system, no rearm
105.71Shu Babassi111outpost in orbit, no rearm
112.68Sieganga11Station 22 ls away, Industr., Emp.
117.32Kunggalerni1,21,21station @1, Emp
117.55HIP 14157yes33Outpost @3, Emp
117.66HIP 12903,9,113,9,113,5,9,11Station in system, Fed
118.63Nandaqui3outpost @2, rearm, Emp
119.42Wenadouyesstation in system, Emp
119.45Lotileku2,32,32Outpost in system, rearm, Imp
120.24Synuefe RT-R c20-7yes98, 10
121.10Mal Ye66Outposy in system, no rearm, ALD
124.01HIP 127791 311, 2, 3station @1, Emp
124.16Valkindan33station in orbit, Emp
127.57Eravins1,2,3212,3Outpost @2, no rearm, planetary @1B
129.26Quamtayesvisvisvisoutpost in system, rearm, Emp
129.72HIP 1660711, 211Station in orbit @1, hi-tech, Ind
130.79Aditi11station in system, Emp
131.08ByeriyesStation 1800 ls, Emp
134.36Wongaibon1, 41outpost at 6
135.15Cockaigne33,4Station in system, Emp, ALD
135.66Hruntia77station in orbit, Emp
136.54Wiknaniyesoutpost 200 ls, no rearm, Emp
136.68Picanyesoutpost/rearm 15 ls, Ind
136.69Sharamo4, 5141, 4, 5station at 5, Emp
138.34Devane22Station in orbit, Emp
138.62HR 9095AB1,AB2,AB3AB1,AB2,AB3AB1,AB3outpost, station in system
138.67Vitra33, 4station in system, Fed
139.49NLTT 2682757station in system, Emp
140.27Zeta HorologiistationALD, res close to station
145.25Kadrusayesstation 100 ls, Emp
145.57HIP 18339555Station in system, Ind
146.34CD-40 395AB1,AB2,AB4AB2,AB4AB1,AB3,AB4AB4Station 50 ls from AB4, Empire
148.29HIP 15286A1,A2A1,A2outpost in orbit, rearm, Emp/Fed
149.97Ga Gu222Station in orbit, LYR
150.84Gende111Hitech, ALD
151.70Niflhel1,2,62,521,3,5Station @3, Emp
153.02Chapsugaiyesoutpost 10 ls, rearm, Fed/Emp
153.05LTT 1015311, 33outpost in system, rearm, Fed
153.19BommatsuriyesStation 315 ls, Emp
153.24Basuki An1Station in system, Ind
153.40Asphodelyesstation 200 ls, Emp
154.87HIP 11804041,51,4outpost in system, no rearm, Emp
155.12LTT 15813434outpost/rearm in system, Fed/Imp
157.12Arjung3,4,64,64,8station @1, Emp, hi-tech
157.15HIP 4024yes11Station @3, Emp
158.51LP 708-253yesoutpost 360 ls, rearm, Ind
160.95Lumastya11Station @2, Emp
162.02LEHPM 1902yes22,8station @8, Emp
162.40Har Pahary8Station in system, Emp
163.53NLTT 58712
164.17Dongzi1Station in orbit, Emp/Fed
166.57Murus33Outpost in system, rearm, Emp
169.20LHS 10976666Planetary in orbit, station in system, Emp
169.60BV Phoenicis2,422Outpost @4, Station @3
169.88Shapsugabus811, 1288Station in system, Emp
170.06AerialyesStation 180 ls, Emp, ALD
170.13Skeller33,43Outpost in orbit, rearm
170.20PPM 5287yes3outpost/rearm 800 ls Fed/Imp
170.23HR 913ABC3, ABC7ABC2, ABC6ABC(1,6,7)ABC4, ABC7outpost at ABC4 and ABC7, Emp
170.53Kenna11Station in system
173.47Kou Hua22station in orbit 2 ls
174.30HIP 2027777ALD, good outfitting in orbit
177.08HIP 116905yes11,2,4,51,4,62,4,53:planetary, 5:station, 6:outpost, Emp
177.23BD-15 447A2Industr. station 50 ls
177.60Maiki111Station 58 ls @2, Emp
178.33Duduseklis11Outpost in orbit, rearm, Emp
179.09Hernovacleyesoutpost/rearm 350 ls
179.58Ugrivirii11,2Station in system
179.81Gliese 900.1A10A10,A14A10,A14Station in system, Emp
180.15Xibalbayes1,222outpost @1/2, no rearm, Emp
181.53Cegreeth2,52,5station in system, rearm, Emp
181.78Jotunheim61Outpost/rearm @1, Emp
184.33Iota Pictoris A333Station in orbit
185.8040 Ceti331Station @3, HiTech, LYR, Fed/Emp
186.34Bilobor3322outpost @2, no rearm, Emp
186.77HongyesOutpost 720 ls no rearm
187.15HIP 114044A2A3,A4A2-station, A4-outpost, rearm. Imp
187.42Ahtiyesoutpost 8K, no rearm
187.92CD-67 26112,3,5513,4,5Station @4/5, Emp
189.70HIP 114135433,4outpost in system
190.16LampadeAB2AB2AB2Station in orbit, HiTech, Imp
192.71Recuayesoutpost 2.5K ls
193.33HIP 4291yesoutpost 75K ls away
194.78Iah LaniteiABC2ABC1,ABC2ABC1,ABC2Station in system, Imp
195.19FAUST 68111,22Slipher (HiTech) in orbit of 2
195.47MutujialiAB2AB2Station in system, Emp/Fed
195.51LTT 9796A1A1A2Station in system, Emp
196.76Kausha55outpost in system, no rearm, Emp
197.91Giryampi1Station in orbit
198.11LHS 12283,51,2,33,5Station @1, Fed
198.68Vaka11station in system
198.96Marki8108, 10
199.98CD-61 680121,2,31,2Station 1K from star, Emp
200.74LTT 1652A1,A2A1A2outpost, no rearm, Fed
200.80Caeresi44outpost @4, rearm, Emp, anarchy
200.90Gletine22outpost in system, rearm, Emp
201.04Abrocmii10,128,9,10,12Station in system, Fed
202.04Duberdicusyes33Station 210K ls, Emp
202.73Euryaleyes55Station in system, Fed/Emp
203.23HIP 109612BC2A1A1,BC2station in system, Emp
203.51CD-66 258511station in system, Emp
203.91LTT 464yesStation 65 ls, Ind.
203.97Phiagre44station in system, Ind/Emp
205.12Ullese11outpost in system, no rearm, Emp
205.49LHS 14421, 21, 21, 2outpost @1 & 2, no rearm, Fed
206.07Bhajeri121112outpost in system no rearm Emp
206.1987 Mu Ceti22outpost, planetary in system, 5 Fed factions
207.20LP 410-81A1A1A1outpost in system, no rearm,Fed
207.54HR 882923Station in orbit, Fed
207.80Du Shamitra1111Outpost in system, rearm, Emp
209.28CD-63 15601150 ls from Watanabe
210.12HIP 108912KuoKuoKuoOutpost in orbit, no rearm
210.20Pikum43,44Station, outpost, Fed
211.31Dulos1111Station in system, Emp/Fed
211.69LFT 16386, 886station in system, Fed
212.74Chacocha1,21,22Station @1, Emp
213.45Baldr33Station in system, Emp/Fed
213.97VenetetA2, A3A2, A3
214.07Osissi Huayes334Station @2 39 ls, Emp
214.08Iota Hydri11,22Station @2, Emp
214.69Turir5555Hi-Tech station in system, Fed/Emp
214.81HIP 107614yes2,33outpost in system, no rearm/repair, Emp
215.08LTT 9104B5A1, A2,B5A1outpost @1, no rearm, Fed
215.92Yin T'ien2, 32, 3outpost @4, rearm, Ind/Fed
216.08HIP 29964outpost 2.5L ks, rearm
216.14Hai Ho
217.46Faroras11potpost @1, no rearm, Emp
217.64L 12-40ABC2ABC2ABC3outpost in system, rearm, Emp
218.97HIP 1081581, 2, 3, 42Station @2, Emp
219.10Walayesoutpost 358K ls, no rearm, Fed
219.36Psi Octantisyes
219.4519 Phi-2 CetiAB1, AB2AB1AB2Station @AB2<1 ls, Fed
219.77Kuang3,44station in system, Emp
219.80LHS 20Ohm CityStation 1 ls, Fed
220.26HIP 293141Station in orbit
220.86NgaduniyesOutpost 6K ls, no rearm, Emp
221.13Nu IndiyesOutpost/rearm 290 ls, Ind/Fed
221.47MamaraganB1, B2B2B1, B2outpost in orbit, rearm, Fed
222.43MacuayanA2,A3A2,A3station @A3, Emp
224.25QuiablinjaA3A3A33.8K, Outpost in orbit, no ammo.
225.12Ahmetesyes4 empire factions, outpost 3.6K
225.72LHS 1212A1,A2A1,A2,A3A1outpost @A1,A3, rearm, Fed
225.82Two Ladies211,3Station near 2, Fed/Emp
225.87LP 353-74yesA1A2outpost in system, rearm, Fed/Emp
225.97Yerava42outpost @2, rearm, Fed
227.13HIP 103867111,21outpost @1, no rearm, Emp
227.59Theta IndiA3,A6A3A6Station @A6, Fed/Emp
227.95Veramonawe86, 88Station in system
227.97Mantjayesoutpost 450 ls, rearm, Fed
228.50LFT 1422111Station in system
228.58Nyikanyes211,2outpost at 2, 800 ls, no rearm
228.88CD-59 7632yes445outpost 28 ls, no rearm, Fed
229.61Aetius2station in system, Ind/Fed
229.95Eta Aquariiyes2,3,4,52,4,5,6,8,8C3,4,6,84,55,7:outposts,rearm
230.91Tariyan76,76planetary rearm
230.95L 119-331,3
231.11LTT 17149A2A2A2outpost in orbit, rearm, Ind/Fed
231.16Beta Pavonis2,31,32,3station @3, Empire
231.39Ogowendes1,31Outpost @2, rearm, Emp
231.77Ekoimurt344outpost @3, rearm
232.00Maiducaneyes333Outpost @3, no rearm, Emp/Fed
232.27LP 532-81AB2AB2AB1outpost/rearm in system, Fed
233.34HIP 100280Narlikar
233.7051 Arietisyes3Station in system, Fed
233.95LHS 1339ABC2ABC1,ABC2Station in system, Fed
234.58Angawal99outpost in system, no rearm, Ind/Fed
234.78LFT 69A2A2A1A1Station @A1/A2, Fed
234.92Llyr3Station in orbit, Fed/Emp
236.15HIP 10540822Station in orbit
236.18HIP 107239yes2,52,4,51,2,54Station @2, Emp
236.43CPD-28 332ABC1ABC1Station in system, Fed
237.17LFT 422,31,2Station, Fed
237.39HIP 1003791,21,21.22Station in system, Emp
237.86HR 415111Planetary outposts, Ind/Fed
238.14TangariA4A3A3,A4outpost @A4, rearm, Emp
238.92Amarishvaruyesoutpost 1900 ls, no rearm, Emp
238.93Taribes4outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed
240.08LHS 38042,42,4Outpost in system
241.08Kurundulli2,3,63,61,2,4outpost @2, no rearm, Emp
241.62Miansis1, 2Station in orbit, Emp
242.09Nerviyes22Station in orbit, Fed
242.14Praesvatada333,4planetary @4, Fed
242.62HIP 875311,31,3otpst, plntr in orbit, Fed
242.90Aecerbotyes11,2outpost/rearm, Fed
243.20Lu YupikyesOutpost 2.4K, no rearm, Fed
243.83Menguru8,9,10118,9,10,119,11Station in system, Emp
245.19YoumingAB3,AB4AB3AB3AB3,AB4outpost @AB3, no rearm, Emp/Fed
245.66Pisagiyesoutpost 400 ls, no rearm, Emp
245.74Salitatyes33station in system
246.91LHS 3776222outpost in orbit, rearm
247.02Ngadandariyesoutpost 500 ls, no rearm, Emp
247.43LTT 164224,53,511,4,5outpost @4, no rearm, plntr @3, Fed
247.96Xihe111Station in orbit, Fed
248.22Ross 33242, 4, 71, 2, 3Station in system, Fed/All
248.35PatosataA1, A2A1Station @A1, Ind/Emp
249.07G 97-54AB5AB4,AB5AB4AB4outpost @AB4/AB5, rearm, Fed
249.29Synuefe YK-N c23-18AB2AB1AB1,AB2only planetary ports
249.55TsohodaAB2AB3AB1AB1,AB2,AB3station in system, Emp
250.02HIP 993971
250.74Belarsuk444Station in system,Emp/Fed
250.78Isitab22outpost in system, rearm, Ind/Emp
251.17BR Piscium47outpost/rearm @4, Fed
251.18KhaithuB15,B16outpost 200K ls away, Emp
251.35V491 Persei3333Station in system, Fed
252.11Yarramyes1outpost in system, rearm, Ind/Emp
252.25Hecateyes44Station in system, Fed
252.33Har Ne Zha31,21,33outpost @3, repair
252.63VigryesOutpost in system, no repair, Fed
252.65HIP 952564444outpost in orbit, no rearm, Emp
252.77YZ CetiA10, A11A10, A11A11A10Station @A10, Fed
252.99HIP 1178701, 212Station @2
253.44TZ Arietis3333Station in orbit, Fed
253.58DimstiyesA10A10outpost in system, rearm, Emp
254.02Cartarovisiblevisiblevisibleoutpost 90 ls, no rearm, Emp
254.46Krematayes555outpost @5, no rearm, station in system
255.22Pardis444Station in system, HighTech, Aisling
255.71Cadupi99outpost @9, no rearm, Emp
255.95Jambeyesoutpost 900 ls, no rearm
256.01CarenerAB1AB1AB1Station in orbit, Fed
256.10Lacaille 9352yes3443Station in system
256.29LP 195-2522outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed
256.47Jadlillke211, 2Station in system, Fed
256.49Wolf 896555outpost in orbit (3 ls), Fed
256.59Okinura88Station in system, Fed
257.16Ross 54644outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed
257.19Jadliaurayesoutpost 70 ls, no rearm, Fed/Emp
257.20Malayamatha3,4,52,3,42,3,5outposts @3,4, no rearm
257.20HIP 933731131outpost in system, rearm, Emp
257.28Wong SherLawrence
257.30Wolf 90621,31,31Station @1, Fed/Emp
257.67LHS 34211outpost in orbit, rearm, Fed
257.86Chimiri77,88Station @8, Emp
258.17Lacaille 87608,9984,8outpost in system, rearm, Fed
258.41Deciat77, 8outpost in orbit, rearm, Ind/Fed
258.54Anariyes12,323station @1, Emp
258.92HIP 14134yes222Outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed
259.03HIP 938891132Station @2, Emp
259.325 G. Capricorni22station in system, Fed
259.36Ernueken3,4343,4outpost in system, rearm, Fed
259.39CorngariABCD1,ABCD2ABCD2EABCD1,ABCD2ABCD2EStation in orbit @1, Fed
259.77GladgudiyaA1A1A1outpost in system, no rearm
260.34HIP 83751221outpost @2, repair
260.70HIP 99606yes3,71,7,81,3outpost/rearm @5 Ind/Emp
260.72Konohi11Planetary @2, Ind/Emp/Fed
260.74HR 65651station in system
261.36Karnarki44Station in system, Fed
261.53AlbicevciA1A1Outpost 30 ls
262.15Devis332outpost @2, rearm, Emp
262.43Fusang33Cleve (HiTech) is very close
263.21Rati Irtiiyes4, 55Station in system, Ind/Fed
263.26Carnaring33outpost in system, no rearm, Emp
263.38Ongkara22Outpost in orbit, no rearm, Emp/Fed
263.57Yan Musu5885, 8outpost @5, station
264.37Loveduyes4,54,54,5outpost @4,5(rearm) Fed
264.55LTT 7488211,22Station @2, Emp/Fed
264.83Arnemilyesoutpost 400 ls, no rearm, Fed
265.31HIP 93507yesoutpost 500 ls, no rearm, Ind/Emp
265.74LFT 214yesB10outpost/rearm@B10, 238K ls, Fed
265.95PacaliteA2A2A2, A2CA2CPlanetary in orbit, Fed
266.73Mu Araeyesoutpost 2900 ls, no rearm, Fed
266.85Pi Pavonis1,51,21,2,5Station in system, Emp
267.03Mugari11outpost in orbit
267.31HR 7297yes41,42,4outpost @2,4(rearm), Emp
267.56LHS 282,51,61,2,3,5,62,5station in system, hi-tech, Fed
268.67LFT 1504yesoutpost/rearm 520 ls, Fed
269.82Difu434outpost @3/4, rearm, Fed
269.82Gunapai1,22,42outpost @4, no rearm, Fed/Emp
270.54Polluxyesoutpost 4K ls, no rearm, Ind
270.61Ross 318yes3 or 5
270.83Aeternitas44Station in orbit, Ind/Fed
272.27Andvarogesyesoutpost/rearm 350 ls
273.08TimbalderisAB1,AB2AB1,AB4AB1AB2station @AB4, Fed
273.09LHS 1963111Outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed
274.15HR 84615,7775,6,7outpost @2, no rearm
274.61LHS 242923,42,44station in system, Fed
274.63ChotecA3A3outpost in orbit, rearm, Fed
276.81Mambojas2Station in orbit
279.07Nungk8Station in system, Emp
279.73LHS 6128yesvis
280.17HIP 942354Outpost/rearm in system, Emp
280.53Ngurii2station in orbit, Ind/Emp
281.19Ruchbah1,3,4,5,61,2,3,5,63Station @4, Fed
282.27NocopaniyesAB 1AB 1AB 1Outpost/rearm 70 ls
282.43HIP 871001,51,2,531,2,5outpost @2, no rearm, Emp
282.67Yakaeriate33station in orbit, Fed
282.94Ualapalor1Hudson space
283.02LFT 698A1, A2A1, A2A1A1outposts @A1,A2 rearm, Fed
284.48Kremainn2,32,3Station @2, Fed
285.44LTT 18486B1,B3B1,B3B1,B2,B3B1,B3outpost @B1, rearm, Fed
285.74Marubal12128,99,10,12Station in system, Fed
287.62Ross 4902,31,21,2
288.34LHS 317111Station in ordbit < 1 ls, Fed
288.63HIP 4907445,65,6Station @6, plntr @4, Ind/Fed
289.06HR 6649AB1, AB2AB1Station @ AB2, Ind/Fed/Emp
289.54VistoyesA2A2A2A2outpost in system
290.05EGGR 431444Station in orbit, Fed
290.26LHS 3447B2Outpost close, rearm, Fed
290.37HIP 69796yes41outpost @4, rearm, Fed/Emp
290.46HIP 802503,4322,3,4outpost @4, no rearm, Fed
291.08Zavijah1, 2, 4, 842Station in system, Fed
291.09Nipihila11Station @1, Emp
291.50Men Shenyes22Station @2, Fed
293.20Beta Comae Berenices66Station 130 ls, Imp/Fed
293.78Alexis CentauriyesStation 180 ls, Ind
293.83DenebolaA3A3A3Planetary in orbit
294.22Tjindjin6,1,61,66outpost @6, rearm, Fed
294.40LTT 4487yes53,63,63outpost @3&5, rearm, Fed
294.57V740 CassiopeiaeA6A3Station @ A2, Fed
294.74NegiA1,A3A2,A3A1outpost @A1,A2, rearm, Fed
294.98KakasABC3,ABC4ABC3,ABC4Station in system, Fed
295.00Ross 10032Outpost in orbiy, rearm, Ind/Fed
297.34Keriesyesstation 200 ls, Fed
297.90LHS 64yes
298.35Chediq12,3,41,41,2,3,4outpost @3,4, no rearm, Fed
298.47Bhaguti3outpost/rearm in system, Fed
298.56Zaragas3station 150 ls away, Fed
299.01Oho Bajoyes
299.07HIP 79636A1,A3A3A1,A3A1Station @A1, Ind/Emp
300.52Iota-1 NormaeAB1AB1outpost in orbit, no rearm, Fed/Imp
301.10BhothoAB3AB3AB3Hudson space
302.02Meticuli4433Station in orbit, Fed
303.84HIP 17790yes4,54,545outposts 65 and 1800 ls (rearm), Ind/Fed
304.57TigurdA1outpost @A1, rearm, Fed
305.22Kokoto22Station in orbit, Fed
306.38Wolf 433A1A1Station in orbit 3 ls, Fed
306.86Yembo1,3,44Station @3, Ind/Fed
307.60GD 319441,41outpost @1, no rearm, Fed
308.21GD 140visible
308.25Asellus Primus33station in orbit, Fed/All
308.32HIP 84642A3,A4A3,A4A4A2,A3outpost in system, rearm, Emp
309.25Utse65,76Station 22 ls, Fed
312.26Wolf 485ayes1station @1, Fed
314.46Hrungubujuyesoutpost, no rearm, Fed
314.70LTT 16979A5A5outpost in system, rearm, Fed
314.74Meliae5,7,7A52,7Station in system
315.18DettaFord g/wStation < 0.5 ls
315.51LHS 2884yes
316.26DagazA7A4A1,A7A4outpost/rearm A1, All/Fed
317.35Aritimi2,3,5,6,6E,82,3,5,6E,7,83,5,6,7,86,6EStations in orbits, Fed
317.46Privoro261,3,4outpost/rearm @3, Fed
318.00HIP 66754A5,A6A6A6outpost @A5, no rearm, Fed
318.68LHS 528743outpost, no rearm, Fed
319.1772 Ophiuchiyesyes
319.19LHS 2412A5A1,A5Station @A5, Fed
319.49V418 HydraeAB4outpost/rearm in system, Ind/Fed
320.65Ch'ortamaye4outpost/rearm in orbit, Ind, 4.7K ls
323.99OriA3,A4A3A3Closest outpost 430K ls!
324.99LFT 1249yesoutpost 700 ls, no rearm, Fed
326.72LP 69-457yespoutpost 14 ls, no rearm, Fed
329.32LHS 2925662Station @2. Alliance
329.40HIP 340245,6,7G5,675Outpost @5, rearm, Ind
330.56HIP 78716yesOutpost 7K ls away
332.1350 CassiopeiaeA1A1Planetary in system 3.8K away
332.65NLTT 34715A1,A4A1,A2,A4A1,A2A1,A3Station @4, Alliance
333.92BD-08 29632332outpost, planetary in orbit, Fed
334.46Wolf 363444Station in system, Fed/All
335.7620 Ophiuchi6outpost in orbit
336.43Gurney Sladeyes
336.50CX Comyes
342.3038 Lyncis5
344.35LTT 15225666Station in system, Ind
344.80Atins22station in system
348.97Sibiayesoutpost/rearm 130 ls, Ind/Fed
351.47Urvasyes44Station in system
352.56Scorpii Sector DL-Y d157yesNo stations
352.56LP 100-56333Outpost in system, no rearm, Fed/All
352.87Ndriamenteyesoutpost in system, rearm, Fed
353.42Kaanayes44Outpost in system
357.66LHS 5307222Station in system, All/Fed
361.61HR 5960222Station in system, Fed/All
377.24PandinyesA1,A2,A4,A5A4,A5A2A5outpost @A3, no rearm, Fed
385.55HIP 80364A3A3Station in orbit, Ind
391.58HIP 83961outpost/rearm in orbit, Ind
396.20Pendilla22Station in system, Fed
403.58VaratiBC6, BC7BC6, BC7BC7BC7Station in system, 27K ls, Ind
410.86HIP 61816111Station in system, Alliance
414.60HIP 60230A4A4A3A3outpost @A3, no repair, All/Fed
417.46HIP 921522, 32, 3Station @2, Ind
422.50MumbaA3A3outpost 50 ls, rearm, Ind
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